Fat Beet x Noble Crust:
Savory and Sustainable Sister Concepts

Fat Beet Farm is proud to be the sister concept of Noble Crust. Noble Crust began 7 years ago, and serves up delicious Deep South Italian meals at Noble Crust, with farm fresh microgreens, produce, herbs and spices from the Fat Beet Farm.

Together, we’ve curated creative menu selections that include farm-fresh ingredients, making it difficult to taste where Italian ends and Southern begins.

Noble Crust helps us to fulfill our mission—feed people food with integrity, in a beautiful setting, and show everyone how to eat well without destroying the land it’s grown in.

The decision to grow our concepts alongside each other was an easy, intuitive one. Both Fat Beet and Noble Crust value sustainability, responsible growing, giving back to our ecosystem, and flavorsome bites.

All of our produce at Fat Beet Farm is clean, crisp and nurtured with care. Together, our goals and values align, so we can bring you fresh, locally-grown ingredients in our dishes—in a modern, casual eatery at three locations: St. Pete, Wesley Chapel and Carrollwood.

Check out this popular Noble Crust dish with Fat Beet Farm’s fresh microgreens!

We thank you for supporting us and we invite you to visit our farm, order from our kitchen & bakery menu, and enjoy your next meal at Noble Crust!

We’re excited to see how our concepts grow together, and where they take us (and your tastebuds) in the near future.

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