Fat Beet Farm offers our interns educational and hands-on opportunities. Our interns will be able to learn a variety of subjects around the farm. Our internships generally last 4-6 months and require between 15-20 hours a week. We offer internships in the Fall, Spring, & Summer semesters.

Intern at Fat Beet Farm

Fat Beet Farm offers a Concentrated & Non-Concentrated Internship. Our Concentrated interns will be expected to decide on one focus or project during their internship. These interns will finish with an in-depth knowledge of a specific topic or area at Fat Beet Farm.

Our Non-concentrated internship is perfect for the student that “wants to learn it all”. These students will move around the farm daily and work with our farmhands in groups or one on one. The Fat Beet Farm interns will be working closely with all of our farmers and become part of our “Fat Beet Family”.

Summer Internship Deadline: May 1st

Some areas that Fat Beet Farm interns will have
the opportunity to work in include:

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  • Aquaponics

  • Microgreen Growing

  • Wetland Reclamation

  • Soil Farming

  • Regenerative Agriculture

  • Bio-digestion & Composting

  • Vermiculture

  • Agrotourism

  • Renewable Energy

  • Rain Collection

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