Our Partnership
with USF

In 2018, Fat Beet Farm formed a partnership with USF Patel Global College of Sustainability.

USF Patel Global College of Sustainability needed more hands-on learning opportunities for its Masters students. Fat Beet Farm is passionate about sustainable farming and needed help implementing different sustainability measures. USF and F.B.F. became a natural fit in their collective concentrated focus on these farming techniques and progressive environmental practices.

The interns and professors provide fresh insight and the ability to progress Fat Beet Farm and ensure we are at the forefront of sustainability initiatives and technology.

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USF Partnership

This partnership has been instrumental in furthering the education of USF students pursuing Masters degrees.

Our Partnership with Clearwater Marine Aquarium

The farm provides outdoor classrooms in which students and professors can experiment and study.

  • Sustainable Packaging & Business

  • Bio-digesters & Farming

  • Microgreens & Hydroponics

  • Solar Energy