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Fat Beet Farm

Farm • Kitchen • Bakery

Closed for the end of the season!

We are taking a break for a kitchen renovation and flipping crops!

Thank you for an amazing opening year of three full growing seasons! We are so appreciative of the ongoing support from our incredible community!

We will be spending the next few weeks renovating our Café, preparing our gardens, and giving our staff a well deserved break!

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Fat Beet Farm offers a variety of career opportunities. Tap on any of the options below to learn more and apply today. We are excited to hear from you and can’t wait to speak!

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The Kitchen at
Fat Beet Farm

For fresh, local produce lovers like us, the ever-growing Farm-to-Table movement is one of the most exciting food developments we have seen in decades. If you are not already familiar, Farm-to-Table (sometimes called Farm-to-Fork) is a concept that involves food that is grown locally, sold locally, and prepared by our talented chefs in our state-of-the-art production facility for our local clientele. And of course, where incredible freshness is found, the flavor follows.


Menu & Catering

Fat Beet Farm Kitchen and Bakery is open and ready to fulfill your farm-to-fork needs. Don’t want to go to the hassle of cooking that holiday meal? Call in your order and let us do the work for you this year! Farm bundles, large pies, and tailgate catering are also available. Pre-order now or stop in and enjoy a bite on our newly built patios!
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Sustainable Initiatives


Our big, beautiful bio-digester is the heart of Fat Beet Farm. It breathes life into all corners of our farm and allows us to grow a bounty of food while also replenishing the land sustainably.

Reclamation Ecology

Through our reclamation ecology efforts, we are able to help maintain and improve the condition of our natural Florida wetland and coastal ecosystems.


In our effort to remain as sustainable as possible, we installed a 90-panel solar grid on the roof of our Microgreens Shed, which allows the Florida sun to power almost all our operations.

Regenerative Agriculture

At Fat Beet Farm, we practice soil enrichment, composting, and vermiculture to keep our soil in the best possible condition. With the unique difficulties that come along with farming in Florida, maintaining healthy soil is one of the things that keeps our farm going strong.

Rain Collection

At Fat Beet Farm we collect rainwater for our plants and fish. By collecting rainwater, we can use less fresh water from the city but also prevent any contaminants from city water from harming any of our farming activities.

Sustainable Initiatives

  • Biodigester
  • Reclamation Ecology
  • Solar
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Rain Collection
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Coastal Farming

From bees to mushrooms to chickens and more, we work hard in our coastal farming efforts to provide the best possible environment for our plants and animals to thrive.
We have coastal farming practices in place for our:

  • Bees
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Chickens
  • Microgreens
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Our Mission

Fat Beet Farm is a coastal farm dedicated to sustainability, education, and restoring the farm-to-fork connection.

We have created a closed-loop system where the food is grown on the farm, cooked in our kitchen, and all of our food waste & scraps are used to create organic fertilizers for the next season of crops. Our goal is to be the model for the future of sustainable farming and a true farm-to-table concept.

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Activities At Fat Beet

Our extensive tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at how our farm operates. While on our tour, you will be able to view our vegetable gardens, compost, chickens, biodigester, bees, microgreens, preservation areas, and more! And, after the tour, you will have the opportunity to shop at our market or take home a fresh hot farm meal!

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