About Fat Beet Farm

Every aspect of our farm was made with love, dedication, and prioritizes sustainability.

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About Fat Beet Farm

To grow using green initiatives, learn, eat, and connect around the garden table.

We strive to be a resource for our community. We educate about the potential of farming in Florida, and are a model of sustainability for future generations. We provide wholesome, thoughtful, and scrumptious food to the public, and a memorable space for unforgettable private events.

We demonstrate how to nurture our beautiful Florida land while also making the most of its bountiful possibilities.

Our Sustainable Initiatives
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The Fat Beet Farm Story

In 2013, Jen and Tim Curci bought a ragged piece of coastal Florida land with a mission: build a farm in the heart of Tampa Bay to serve delightfully tasty and nutritious farm-to-table food to the local community.

Jen was a gardener with a super green thumb; she believed in food as medicine. Tim, Bonefish Grill founder, was a restaurateur with a bright vision. After breaking ground they quickly learned that the difficult road ahead would need to be built upon sustainable practices in order to be profitable.

They dug a well for freshwater only to find that saltwater intrusion made it un-useable, so they had to begin collecting rain water. They had tons of food waste and dead plant matter, but didn’t want to send it to the dump, so they began composting. They needed power in the back of the farm, so they installed a solar grid. Once they partnered with USF, they excitedly built a bio-digester to produce natural fertilizer slurry from food scraps.

Eventually, sustainability was so deeply ingrained in the values of the farm that it was at the heart of every decision. They learned that they wanted to show everyone a better way to farm, and a different model for how we produce the food that we eat. In 2020 the Fat Beet Foundation was born, and now the mission has changed: feed people food with integrity, in a beautiful setting, and show everyone how to eat well without destroying the land it is grown in.

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