Guided Tours and Events

at Fat Beet Farm

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Earth day events now on the Calendar!

Explore the Farm

Join us for an exclusive peek at the inner workings around the farm, including all of our sustainability initiatives and wildlife preservation/restoration projects! We offer a 1-hour walking tour that includes our vegetable gardens, composting and vermiculture, chickens, the biodigester, bees, microgreens, aquaculture systems, wetland, and coastal preservation areas, and more!

There’s so much we want to share with you, so this tour will cover a lot of ground. After the tour, there will also be an opportunity to take home food from our kitchen along with merchandise and local goods. We’re so proud of everything we do, and can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Be a Farmer for the Day

Learn what farmers do in a day at Fat Beet Farm! Kids will get hands-on experience alongside our farmers with kid-friendly tasks around the farm such as collecting eggs, composting scraps, and planting.

We aim to inspire some future farmers, teach kids where their food comes from, and have some fun on the farm along the way!

Ages 5-8 years old

Ticket $20 per child 

Regenerative Agriculture

Buggin’ Out at Fat Beet

Let your kiddos come on Safari at Fat Beet & Bug Out! Kiddos will have an opportunity to explore and find some native and invasive bugs & learn about them and their role in our ecosystem! Kids will be able to catch and inspect all different types of critters from worms, to crabs, to caterpillars!


Ages 5-8 years old

Ticket $15 per child